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Elizabeth Thode Hoard 
1907 - 2011
It is with sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of our great instructors Elizabeth Thode Hoard at the age of 104. She served this school with great distinction for forty-six years and retired in 1973. For many of those years, she was the Director of Music.
She attended the Julliard School of Music and received the honor of playing at the White House for First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

She taught music at Bronx House for many years after retirement and at the age of 83 she founded the Bronx Conservatory of Music. For many years, the goal of this institution has been "to promote personal growth through the understanding of music". Their main campus is located at Bronx Community College.
Edward Finch Jr.
Board Member of NYISE
Robert W. Russell (1924-2011)
Charles A. Dana Professor of English 

Roger Laghezza (1930-2009)
Teacher of NYISE

Gordon Chipman Dewey (1923-2002)
President of the Board NYISE

Merle E. Frampton (1903-1998)
Director of the New York Institute for the
Education of the Blind 1935-1971
Edward M. Van Cleve (1860-1937)
May 22, 1937 New York Times Obituary

F. Augustus Schermerhorn (1844-1919) NY Times PDF
Member of the Board for over 40 years and President for 10 years.
Fanny Crosby (1820-1915)
Student, Teacher, Poetess, Author, Hymnist
John Dennison Russ, M. D., (1801-1881)
First teacher of the blind in the United States