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Historical Documents

On this page, you will find a wide variety of documents from the archives. Booklets, brochures and essays from publications are just some of the items available. Additions to this and many of the archive pages are made frequently. The 185 year history of the school has generated many interesting perspectives and comments on the nature of blindness and how to best educated children with blindness in school.
The New York Academy for the Gifted Blind Child (1962)
Brochure cover: The New York Academy for the Gifted Blind Child (1962)The New York Academy was designed to make available to gifted and talented blind students the complete preparation necessary for admission to college, including all the necessary academic subjects and qualifying entrance examinations.
Rowing at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind 1950 - 1972
By Seth W. Hoard
A Certain Trend in Education Proceeding Out of the Great War's Influences
Delivered at the Biennial meeting of the American Association of Instructors of the Blind, Held at Austin, Texas, June 27, 1922, By Edward M. Van Cleve, Principal of The New York Institute for the Education of the Blind 
The Information Highway Was Once a Dirt Road.
An overview of the history of technology for the blind and visually impaired featuring photographs from the Overbrook Archives. Topics will include the evolution of writing codes, audio technology and electronic devices. Presented at Overbrook's 175th Anniversary Technology Seminar by John Hernandez, NYISE Archivist
Proceeding at the Laying of the Corner-stone of
the New School Building on Pelham Parkway- June 12, 1923
Additional Historical Files
The Blind Dispute Rival Book Systems

In 1909, the New York City school system held hearing on what reading and writing code would be used in its public school classes. It was a contentious period that lead to strong disbutes between advocates of the Braille code and the New York Point system. Below is a link New York Times coverage on one of the hearings.