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Development: Student Activities » Pirate Halloween Spooktacular

Pirate Halloween Spooktacular

Bringing students and staff together for our second Halloween Spooktacular, the events below provided opportunities for students to practice their social, problem-solving, and fine and gross motor skills; all while having a spooktacular time. A special thank you to our teachers and staff for all their hard work in making the day possible and spooktacular!


Halloween Spooktacular 2022

Theme: Pirates!


October 25
Students played Musical Islands, a musical chairs-like game where instead of chairs, they walked from "island" to "island" until one island remained. 
October 26
Students participated in an array of pirate-themed carnival games where they received clues leading them to a glowing black lit "coral reef" decorated with fluorescent bright green, pink, blue, and yellow coral and fish they painted earlier in day. 
Pirate-themed carnival games included:
  • Walk the Plank (during which students balanced on an extra-long balance beam);
  • Coconut Grab (during which students used a plastic grabber to retrieve balls from an inflatable pool ball pit);
  • Go Squid (during which students tried to throw ping-pong balls into fish bowls); and
  • Pin-The-Tentacle (during which students placed tentacles onto an octopus head).
October 27
Students explored Burpee the Whale, created using a room of tents. Students crawled over Burpee's tongue, walked through his stomach, and pushed through his tail--all while crossing paths with the different animals that Burpee had eaten over the years, including a shark and narwhal. 
October 28
Students dressed in different costumes and trick-o-treated through the school. In addition, elementary students listened to an interactive pirate tale Pirate Pete and Polly's Tale of Treasure (see below), in which they filled in the blanks _____ with their own words for Pirate Pete's gold-seeking adventure! 


Pirate Pete and Polly's Tale of Treasure

By David Nora 

Directions: Read-a-loud to your audience. Anytime you hear the word "pirate" or "pirates," you will say argh. 


Let's practice: There once was a pirate named Pete. 


Good. Let's continue our story about Pirate Pete. Pirate Pete was a tall man with beady eyes, a long black beard, and a _____ for his right hand.


Pirate Pete had the biggest ship in the _____ Sea. It was dark brown with three large sails and a black flag with two _____. On the front, there was a wooden mermaid named _____.


Pirate Pete had a crew of 20 men. Some were short and stocky, while others were lanky like the wooden boards of the ship. Every time Pirate Pete saw them, he would say, 'Ahoy there, me _____.'


Pirate Pete had a pet parakeet, too. His name was Polly, and he always sat on Pirate Pete's shoulder. The pet parakeet would often say, 'Polly want a _____'.


Pirate Pete loved Polly, but he loved finding gold more. Pirate Pete and his crew would sail the seven seas finding lost treasure. If they were lucky to find a chest of jewels and coins, they would bury it in a secret spot to make sure it was safe from other pirates or gold-stealing _____.


One day Pirate Pete found a map that led to _____, the lost city of gold. Pirate Pete said, "Shiver me, _____." He and his crew of sailors were excited. This would be the biggest treasure of their lives. So they set sail.


It took_____ years. They fought off flying Sea _____ and hungry beach _____ and other pirates, but they finally made it to their destination. "Yo Ho _____," said Pirate Pete. The lost city of gold was not a city of gold at all but an island filled with _____ [Polly's favorite treat].


"Polly want a _____ [Polly's favorite treat]."


"Argh," Pirate Pete said. "You know the rules. We bury our treasure."


Polly was sad about this. Pirate Pete saw this and was sad himself. "Argh," Pirate Pete said again. "Don't bury that treasure, me men. We will have ourselves a feast." So Pirate Pete, Polly, and Pirate Pete's crew landed on the beach and enjoyed their first non-buried treasure with a dinner and game of coconut _____ with a group of friendly _____ .


The End