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Student Wellness Works


Our Student Wellness Works Program is a natural expansion of our Expanded Core Curriculum and serves middle and high school students in our Schermerhorn Program. Current program activities include a residency program with the Greenburgh Nature Center, interactive workshops, assemblies, field trips, and social emotional learning opportunities.

Combined, these efforts aim to engage students in their capacity to learn and access the joy therein while building their self-esteem and understanding of how to relate to others socially and emotionally. 

Greenburgh Nature Center (March - June 2023) Building on our longstanding partnership with the Greenburgh Nature Center serving our elementary students, during the spring of 2023 onsite programming expanded to include gardening classes for our middle and high school students. These 45-minutes sessions focus on native plants, local history, and an exploration of the life sciences. Highlights of this year's programming include the purchase and installation of a hydroponic systems to be used by students to grow and harvest strawberries. Additional activities include planting seeds, seedlings, and plants in our greenhouse, vegetable and sensory gardens.

Entropy Dance Company 

Mindfulness in Motion (March 2023) Beth and Scott met with students to present Mindfulness in Motion, a fun, movement-based class featuring improvised and choreographed dances, games and simple yoga poses. The goals of these sessions are to build community, help students develop a mind-body connection, learn techniques to reduce stress and make safer, healthier decisions using the STOP technique (Stop, Take 3 breaths, Observe, Proceed/Pick). Click here for photos.
Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation (February 2023) Artists from the Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation led four classes for our middle and high school students focusing on proper technique and posture for playing the Djembe. Through this process students will gain an understanding of the culture, purpose, and principles of the Djembe, and were able to identify rhythms, rudiments, and three basic sounds of the Djembe.

Harlem MagicMasters Athletes from the Harlem MagicMasters presented an assembly for students designed to educate, stimulate, and motivate them, as well as provide opportunities for them to practice strong interpersonal communication skills. Using a combination of dazzling basketball techniques, this assembly was delightful and fun for all involved.

NYISE Alumni return to speak about their path following graduation.

Rosalind Wright (January 2023)

Venessa Luna (January 2023)

Charlene Wright (February 2023)

Christine Bharosi (February 2023)

Sarai Ramirez (March 2023)

To learn more about how we help students explore possible careers, visit our Students: Personal & Professional Development webpage.

New York Botanic Garden
The New York Botanic Garden is less than 1 mile from our campus, and easily accessible for students and teachers to visit. While on field trips to explore the garden, students can participate in a variety of activities, including learning about different biomes as part of the high school science curriculum. Additionally, the Garden's orchid show is a favorite featuring bright, bold and often high contrasting colors and patterns.
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Student Wellness Works is made possible through a generous grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.
Named after a tireless advocate for immigrants, children, and the poor, the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation funds programs and initiatives across New York State that either provide direct healthcare services or address the social determinants of health.
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