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Athletics: Team and Individual Sports

During 2023/2024, the Institute's sports teams include Soccer, Goalball, Swimming, Wrestling, Cheerleading, and Track and Field, all adapted to accommodate students' visual impairment or blindness. Students must maintain their academics to participate. 
One of seven schools that combined make up the Eastern Athletics Association for the Blind (E.A.A.B.), the Institute's teams compete in local and national competitions, allowing students to travel (some for the first time), compete, and socialize with their athletic peers. E.A.A.B. schools alternate hosting tournaments and competitions, and teams are divided into boys, girls, or co-ed, ensuring all can benefit from participating. 
Team tryouts are at the start of each sports season, and practices occur Monday - Thursday, between 3:00 - 5:30 PM, differing in frequency based on the sport. As per E.A.A.B. requirements, students must be 13 years of age or in the seventh grade before September 1st to compete. 
To hear about the Institute's Athletics program's impact on students, listen to Assistive Physical Education Teacher Carina Cam.


Reinforcing what one can accomplish through commitment, dedication, and collaboration, participation on a sports teams builds self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness through teamwork, practice, and competition.


Students also benefit from learning to incorporate sports into an active and healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to remain involved in sports long after graduating from our program. 
Specific skills taught include:


Creative Thinking

August 2023

E.A.A.B. leaders convene to determine the year's competition schedule


September 2023




October 2023

Pep Rally

E.A.A.B. Soccer Match (Hosted by Maryland School for the Blind, September)



November 2023

E.A.A.B. Swim Tournament (Hosted by Overbrook School for the Blind, November 8)

Competition Levels: 25 Yards Free Style, Back Stroke & Breast Stroke; 50 Yards Free Style & Breast Stroke; 100 Yard Free Style; 100 Meter I.M.; Relay Race



December 2023



January 2024

E.A.A.B. Wrestling Tournament (Hosted by Governor Morehead School for the Blind) 

Cancelled due to Winter Weather Conditions

Competition Levels: Individual and Team Matches

Wrestling Scrimmage (Hosted by Maryland School for the Blind, January 24)



February 2024



March 2024

E.A.A.B. Goalball Tournament (Hosted by the New York Institute for Special Education, March 15-17)


April 2024

Track and Field


May 2024

E.A.A.B. Track and Field Tournament (Hosted by Maryland School for the Blind, May 10-12)

Competition Levels: Running (50, 75, 220, 440, and 800 yards; and one mile); Throwing (football, softball, and shot put); and Jumping (standing jump, triple jump, and running long jump.


June 2024

Athletics Awards Ceremony and Reception


Schedule is subject to change.

The Eastern Athletics Association for the Blind (E.A.A.B.) consists of seven schools for the blind:


Overbrook School for the Blind (Pennsylvania)
Perkins School for the Blind (Massachusetts)
Maryland School for the Blind (Maryland)
New York Institute for Special Education (New York)
North Carolina School for the Blind (North Carolina)
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (Virginia)
West Virginia School For the Blind (West Virginia)

United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA)

The USABA empowers Americans who are blind and visually impaired to experience life-changing opportunities in sports, recreation and physical activities, thereby educating and inspiring the nation.


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International Blind Sports Federation

The International Blind Sports Federation is the world’s leading organization for the development of sport for people with visual impairments.


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