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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of The New York Institute for Special Education is to provide quality educational programs and support to the students and families in a safe, caring environment, to awaken and inspire student curiosity, lifelong learning and fulfillment.

Ethical Principles and Practice Standards

NYISE Values
  • Putting first people

Our highest priority is for the students and the families we serve, always considering the impact of our actions on their growth and well-being.

  • Communicating effectively and transparently

Make conscious effort to assure that all communications support working together to assess, problem solve and implement actions to support positive change and growth.

  • Engaging others through collaboration and inclusiveness

Purposefully and respectfully working with other staff, students and families toward mutually agreed upon goals.

  • Achieving meaningful and measurable results

Use research and data to develop purposeful interventions to improve our organization and our ability to serve our students.

  • To develop supportive and working relationships with families based on mutual respect and actively involving the families and students in educational decision
  • To protect and support the physical and psychological safety of the students at the
  • To neither engage in nor tolerate any practice that harms a student(s) at the
  • To engage in professional development activities that will improve a professional's skills in order to provide a quality educational
  • To provide transitional support for students and families as they leave Institute programs: kindergarten, other placements, colleges and
  • To treat students, families and co-workers with respect at all times; accepting them for who they
  • To demonstrate initiative and accountability in order to reach identified goals and complete projects.