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We take a leadership role on issues that affect the lives of our children and staff!
We do this by advocating for increased funding at the state and federal level, promoting a greater understanding of the curriculum needs of our students, and communicating with state and national leaders to help them understand the needs of our special students.
As part of a larger community of children with disabilities, we are proud to share that our Executive Director Dr. Bernadette M. Kappen is the current President of the 4201 Schools Association.
Dr. Kappen's 4201 archived testimony to the Fiscal Committees of the New York State Legislature can be found below.
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White Cane Safety Day is a national observance in the United States, celebrated on October 15 of each year since 1964. The date is set aside to celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and the important symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the white cane. 
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