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Expanded Core Curriculum

Donate to our New Future FundThe Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) is the body of knowledge and skills that are needed by students with visual impairments due to their unique disability-specific needs. The curriculum's concepts and skills often require specialized instruction with students who are blind or visually impaired in order to compensate for decreased opportunities to learn incidentally by observing others.

As a residential school, in which the students spend 4 nights residing on campus, the ECC provides activities in recreation and leisure. The teaching of recreation and leisure skills to blind and visually impaired students must be planned and deliberately taught, and should focus on the development of life-long skills.
At the NY Institute, special teachers, child care workers provide training and supervision on developing independent living skills and  several therapeutic recreational specialists plan and supervise a variety of activities for the residential children. There are nine unique educational needs for students with visual impairments.