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Music Program

Music at the Institute strengthens our student's independence and provides the perfect opportunity for our kinesthetic and tactile learners to develop critical skills, including:


Relationship Building





Creative thinking



The Institute’s Music Program has been under the direction of Mr. Naum Shulman since March of 2010. Mr. Naum holds bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in teaching and performing, and is an accomplished symphony musician across America and in his native land of Russia. His dedication and special methods of inspirational teaching to improve each students capabilities, has worked extremely well for all to reach their highest potential individually and a team player overcoming whatever their disability might be.The special touch in his training that Mr. Naum utilizes and gives all year shows at the two annual performances, one in the spring and one in the winter.
Mr. Naum writes, "My skills allow me to work with students who are visually impaired and emotionally challenged age 5-21 I work to include every student and help them to develop positive self-esteem. I prepared the students with visual impairments to dance and sing at the United Nations in honor of World Disability day on December 2014. I worked collaboratively with music teachers from several schools for the blind to prepare the students for a Music Festival in Philadelphia, Spring 2014 and 2016 in North Corolina. At the Philadelphia Festival there were over 90 students in choirs presenting repertoire of ten songs."