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Edward M. Van Cleve

Edward M. Van Cleve (1860-1937)
Photo of Van CleveDr. Edward M. Van Cleve was born and educated in Ohio. He served as Superintendent of the State School for the Blind in 1907. He organized the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness in 1915. The Society was responsible for saving the sight of thousands of babies by spreading the news that a simple eye wash would prevent Trachoma. The easily preventable eye disease had been responsible almost a quarter of the blindness of children in schools for the blind. 
He succeeded William B Wait as principal of the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind and served as its leader until 1935. He was instrumental in organizing the World Conference on Work for the Blind in New York in 1930. The conference attracted delegates from 36 countries. He was awarded in 1931, the Leslie Dana gold metal for his outstanding work in the prevention of blindness. 
A Certain Trend in Education Proceeding Out of the Great War's Influences
Delivered at the Biennial meeting of the American Association of Instructors of the Blind, Held at Austin, Texas, June 27, 1922,
By Edward M. Van Cleve,