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Vocational and Transition Services Program

Vocational and Transition Services are designed to support our blind and visually impaired students by teaching the skills necessary to prepare for and find a job, including providing support in selecting and applying for internships, part-time jobs, and two or four year colleges or universities.
As part of this process, our high school students participate in informational and mock interviews throughout the year, including meeting with Institute staff and Alum during our Where Are They Now Speaker Series! 
Through these interviews, students learn how to create informed questions; identify their interests, skills, and abilities, and interact with adults across a variety of careers, increasing their knowledge of career opportunities and the skills necessary to pursue those careers effectively. 
As part of this process, students are encouraged to seek out internships and part-time jobs, increasing their learning opportunities and helping them practice their orientation and mobility skills in new environments. 
Here on campus, students also have myriad administrative volunteer opportunities, including becoming a Library Assistant, Assistive Tech Assistant, and Teachers Aide, among others.
Led by Mary Catechis, our Rehabilitation Counselor, Vocation/Transition Specialist, the Vocational and Transition Services Program takes place during our 10-month 
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