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#ThrowbackThursday Tweets

3 photos from the 2016 First Day of school. The first day of school this year is not what it once was. Here is a #throwback to happier and simpler times.  Together we can defeat this virus. #staystrong
The first day of school this year is not what it once was. Here is a #throwback to happier and simpler times. Together we can defeat this virus. #staystrong
We miss our campers but rest assured we will be back stronger than ever next Summer. Here is a short video from 2009.
Morgan with a microphone performing
Coming this weekend is the premiere of the 2020 Virtual Spring Concert. Look for the notification soon. Meanwhile, enjoy Morgan’s 2019 performance of “Proud Mary”.
#SocialDistancing wasn't considered in this 1953 cooking class. Today our teachers & students are busy with virtual learning. #COVID19 hasn't stopped lesson plans & homework.
We were unable to hold our annual Camp Wanaqua - where kids unwind, unplug, & engage with their peers. We will be back in 2021 as the only tuition-free summer day camp for blind and VI children in the NYC area.
Spring has arrived on our campus and we have only memories of sharing the season with our students. Virtual learning is working but we miss our students. #ThankfulThursday #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #4201schools #ShelterInPlace #StayAtHome

Two hundred years ago, Fanny Crosby was born this week. She would be a student & teacher at the Institute and in 95 years be the nation's most famous hymnist authoring over 8,000 hymns.
Learn more:

Our Spring Concert will be coming virtual in a few weeks. Students are working hard to make a great show. Here is #ThrowbackThursday memory from last year.

NYI is reviving the sport of golf for our students this Spring.

Technology is an important aspect of our curriculum. Students have been exposed to technological innovations from the earliest talking computers to today's modern braille notetaker computers

Physical Education in 1937 and today is an important aspect of our curriculum. This gym is now a pool and a modern gymnasium building was recently built. NYI is always planning for the future.

Happy Valentine's Day

While we don’t have a #football team today, we do have teams for wrestling, cheerleading, bowling, track, swimming, basketball and goalball.

Support our Athletics Fund:


The goalball season is starting. What’s that? It’s like playing dodgeball blindfolded but you want the ball to hit you.

Support our Athletics Fund:

Image of a 2010 wrestling match

For over 80 years, NYI has had a strong wrestling program. This year’s team is headed to Maryland for the annual tournament against several other schools for the blind. Support our athletes:


After 189 years as a residential school for children with blindness, we've learned a few things. Here is info on our residential program & see how we keep them in a learning & caring environment.

Two female students smiling and wearing Braille Challenge Tee Shirts


Soon our Braille students are headed to Long Island to compete at the regional of The Braille Challenge with hopes of winning a spot at the national competition in CA.

Image of Edmund Gwenn with our students circa 1950. quote on page: Everytime we love, every time we give, It's christmas - Dale Evans


 Every time we love,

Every time we give,

It's Christmas

- Dale Evans

Green Gardens Project


 Support the Green Gardens

Project on #GivingTuesday

Happy Holidays from NYISE. Santa has always paid our good children a visit during the Christmas season.
Halloween trick or treaters in costume, circa 1950


Trick or Treaters
(circa 1950)

Circa 1960 photo, a young blind girl works on flowers at the NYISE greenhouse. Tweet about #givingtuesday


Gardening and horticulture have long been an integral part of our K-12 science curriculum. This year, funds raised on Dec 3's #GivingTuesday will go towards NYISE's Green Gardens Program

Woodcut image of the NYI school building when it was located on 9th Avenue and 34th Street in Manhattan NYC


 1860 Woodcut image of 

NYI in Manhattan


White Cane day 2009.


2009 White Cane Day

Historical images of NYI Teams.


As our student body gets ready for the Pep Rally next week, we are proud of the 8 teams of student-athletes that NYI supports.

This 2007 rally photo of our cheerleaders


2007 Pep Rally 

Image of the Petraglia triplets with small shovels at a groundbreaking for their new home


How love saved
our blind triplets (1959)

Image of NYI school kids loading up a 1920s school bus


This early 1920s photo of our children heading home is representative of the thousands that since 1831 have gotten a great education at NYI.

Image of NYI campus circa 1932


As our school community deals with a major city construction next to our 17-acre campus, we look at this 1932 aerial image & hardly recognize it without the half dozen buildings added since then.


Elementary students exploring a tactile map of the school


One hundred and eighty-eight
first days of school.  

Blind students on a tandem bicycles


Tandem Bicycle Riding

We’ve come a long way from this 19th-century concept of a dormitory. Our dorms today are single or double homestyle rooms with individuality.   #ThrowBackThursday #4201schools #TBT #blindness


Typical NYI Dorm

For over 50 years, we ran a summer camp in @Vermont .


For over 50 years,
we ran a summer camp
in Vermont.

 pioneer in radio engineering Robert W. Gunderson


Since 1938, NYI has provided exciting summer recreational opportunities



Shavon Lockhardt, NYI class of 2009, 2019 Parapan American Games, 2020 Goalball Paralympian


Shavon Lockhardt,

Class of 2009

They come to us needing guidance & good education. NYI provides both & they leave as confident individuals. Photo of the 2019 Van Cleve Valadictorian


They come to us needing guidance & a good education. NYI provides both & they leave as confident individuals.

NYI:Landlord to the Yankees


NYI was the landlord
to the NY Yankees

 pioneer in radio engineering Robert W. Gunderson


A pioneer in radio engineering

Robert W. Gunderson

The NYISE community grieves at the passing of one of our alumnus: Enid Bourne (Class of 1946) She leaves a legacy of service as a representative to the Alumni Association.  Her grace and charm will be missed. #ThrowBackThursday #TBT #4201schools


The NYISE community grieves at
the passing of one of our alumnus:

Enid Bourne (Class of 1946)

Her grace and charm will be missed.

Starting in 1950 until 1972, NYI had a crew team that competed against prep schools & college JV teams. Today we have teams in basketball, bowling, goalball, wrestling, swimming, cheerleading and track.


Starting in 1950 until 1972, NYI had a crew team that competed against prep schools & college JV teams.

The 2010 NYISE Prom


The NYISE 2010 Prom

Image of the laying of the 1923 cornerstone of Schermerhorn School


It was 96 years ago that the cornerstone was laid on Pelham Parkway and we would soon have a new home in the Bronx.


Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).


Today is
Global Accessibility
Awareness Day

Valerie Capers graduation 1953 photo


In 1953, Valerie Capers graduated valedictorian from NYI to attend Julliard School of Music. 

Science Fair 
Video Throwback 2009

Image of Fanny Crosby before a joint session of congress

In 1843, our Fanny Crosby became the first woman to address a joint session of Congress


The 1964-5 Rubella Epidemic

It was 187 years ago this month, that 3 blind boys moved from a NYC almshouse and became the first students of The NY Institute.

It was 187 years ago
this month


For 10 years, NYISE has been blessed to have our music program under the direction of Naum Shulman.

For 10 years, our music
program has been under the
direction of Naum Shulman.

2nd graders toured NBC studios in 1941

2nd graders toured
NBC studios in 1941

#ThrowbackThursday: Hannah Babcock Emeritus Director of Music

Hannah Babcock
Emeritus Director of Music

#ThrowbackThursday: 140 Years of Federal Quota

140 Years of
the Federal Quota



#ThrowbackThursday:2009 St. Patrick's Day Celrbrations

🍀 St. Patrick's Day 🍀
2009 Celebrations
#ThrowbackThursday: 1855 lighograph image of the school
1855 Image of NYI

#ThrowbackThursday: In 1962, NYI embarked in a special program called “The NY Academy for the Gifted Blind Child” to prepare students for admission to college & performing arts programs.

In 1962, NYI started
“The NY Academy for the 
Gifted Blind Child"



#ThrowbackThursday: American Modified Braille code.

American Modified Braille
code of the 1870s
 #ThrowbackThursday: Image of our 1857 Arithmetic blocks used to teach math
Arithmetic Blocks used
to teach Math. 
#ThrowbackThursday: Images from th4 2009 Winter Olympics
The 2009 Winter Olympics 
 #ThrowbackThursday: Megalopolitan Blizzard of 1983
The Megalopolitan Blizzard
of 1983
#ThrowbackThursday: The NYI Cemetary Plot
The NYI Cemetery Plot
#ThrowbackThursday: Image of the Banks Pocket Brailler circa 1928
The Banks Pocket Brailler
By IBM in 1928
#ThrowbackThursday: Image of the 1911 constuction of Pelham Parkway
The 1911 Development
of Pelham Parkway

#ThrowbackThursday: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin
An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest 
Benjamin Franklin
This #GivingTuesday help our
students prepare for the future!
#ThrowbackThursday:Image of 2 female students hugging a large Saint Bernard dog
In 1954, students got the chance to meet the famous TV star from the show “Topper”, Neil the ghost St. Bernard.
#ThrowbackThursday: Image of the NY Point Interlinear Embossing Machine
Our circa 1914 NY Point embossing machine of reading books for the blind
#ThrowbackThursday: Halloween past
Halloween at NYISE
#ThrowbackThursday: Students at the 1939 World's Fair
Students at the
1939 World's Fair
#ThrowbackThursday: The 2003 Wrestling team
The 2003 Wrestling Team
Halloween Paraders 
circa 1950
#ThrowbackThursday: Van Cleve Basketball 2008
Van Cleve Basketball
 #ThrowbackThursday: 2008 Pep Rally photo
2008 Pep Rally
Van Cleve students at a performance circa 1986
NYISE Music Curriculum

Class of young girls making reed baskets circa 1890
Basket Making Class
circa 1890
 Circa 1937 photo of a girls gym class
Today is 
National Blind Sports Day
This picture from a 1918 reports shows a student using a large round wooden map of the world that is still being in a classroom 100 years later.
World map in use for 
over 100 years
Textbook Technologies
Textbook Technologies
Braille to Digitial
Textbook Technologies
Van Cleve Hall
Music has always been an important part of the curriculum. Student playing in a jazz band circa 1945
Music has always been
important at NYI
Physical Culture class in 1923
NYI 1923 
Physical Culture Class
cooking skills circa 1900
Cooking Class 
circa 1900
Deaf-blind student Helen Sierfert with her instructor
Helen Sierfert
"Nebraska's Helen Keller"
Coach Seth Hoard and
the NYI Crew Team
1960s student kitchen
Student Training Kitchen
of the 1960s
Camp Wanaqua 2010-2017
Video Tweet 
Author blogs about 
his 2011 visit to NYI 
Summer Memories of 
Camp Wapanacki 
by Jean Mann
 Image of 3 lantern slides from the NYI archives.
Lantern Slides
from the NYI Archives
Helen Keller with
twin NYI girl scouts
The class of 1946
The Class of 1946
The Practice Store
Our 1890 kitchen
 Rose Garden Ceremonies Remembered - 2009, 2011, 2012
Rose Ceremonies 
Children at the 2010 
Spring Concert
Tell me and I forget, 
Teach me and I remember, 
Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin
Retiree Ms. Williams
with her 2010 class
Science Fair 
Video Throwback 2009
In 1903, NYI was landlord to 
the New York Yankees. 

 NYI Postcards for the 1930s, image of young girls with dolls in strollers
School Postcards
from the 1930s
NYIB 9th Avenue
School architects: 
McKim, Mead and White 
 Image of the 9th avenue auditorium
Yankee great Hank Bauer 
with NYI student winner.
The NYI circa 1850
Rocker Fun circa 1924
NYISE Women in our
History Month

A lot has changed during our 187-year history, but a small class size and a dedicated staff is not one of them. 

Many sports have been 
adapted through the years.

In 1939, the Institute helped 
w/ the development of the 
1st chemistry braille code.

Home Economics 
circa 1940s
January is
Braille Literacy Month
Think warm thoughts.
Each day spring gets closer.
Holiday Celebrations 
Christmas concert 
circa 1930s
"Where words fail, 
music speaks"
-Hans Christian Anderson
Compilation video of our 
Thanksgiving celebrations
#ThrowbackThursday: Music 1937

NYI Music 1937
Laying of the 
Schermerhorn Cornerstone
NYI Halloween party circa 1949
Halloween party circa 1949
William Bell Wait inducted into Hall of Fame
William Bell Wait 
Inducted into Hall of Fame

Until the 1970s, the @nyise999 used a telephone switchboard to connect calls.

Telephone switchboard
#ThrowbackThursday Tweet on Andrea and Sarai at the 2007 Science Fair and 2017 graduation
NY Knick Earl Monroe putting the Van Cleve basketball team through some drills.
#ThrowbackThursday: Deaf Blind Department 1957
Throwback Thursday: Children playing in Schermerhorn Hall classroom
#ThrowbackThursday: Blinded WWII veterans trained at NYI  
George F. Root, Civil War Songwriter, wrote The Battle Cry of Freedom
Four girls sitting on the campus lawn petting rabbits
ThrowbackThursday image: Lower School children of Van Cleve
1917 students reading Braille
Corky at Camp Wapanacki using Apple II computer
Class of 2017 at the 2005 Cotillion
Class of 2017 at the 2005 Cotillion