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PhotoBlog Archives » #ThrowbackThursday Tweets

#ThrowbackThursday Tweets

Halloween Paraders 
circa 1950
#ThrowbackThursday: Van Cleve Basketball 2008
Van Cleve Basketball
Van Cleve students at a performance circa 1986
NYISE Music Curriculum

Class of young girls making reed baskets circa 1890
Basket Making Class
circa 1890
 Circa 1937 photo of a girls gym class
Today is 
National Blind Sports Day
This picture from a 1918 reports shows a student using a large round wooden map of the world that is still being in a classroom 100 years later.
World map in use for 
over 100 years
Textbook Technologies
Textbook Technologies
Braille to Digitial
Textbook Technologies
Van Cleve Hall
Music has always been an important part of the curriculum. Student playing in a jazz band circa 1945
Music has always been
important at NYI
Physical Culture class in 1923
NYI 1923 
Physical Culture Class
cooking skills circa 1900
Cooking Class 
circa 1900
Deaf-blind student Helen Sierfert with her instructor
Helen Sierfert
"Nebraska's Helen Keller"
Coach Seth Hoard and
the NYI Crew Team
1960s student kitchen
Student Training Kitchen
of the 1960s
Camp Wanaqua 2010-2017
Video Tweet 
Author blogs about 
his 2011 visit to NYI 
Summer Memories of 
Camp Wapanacki 
by Jean Mann
 Image of 3 lantern slides from the NYI archives.
Lantern Slides
from the NYI Archives
Helen Keller with
twin NYI girl scouts
The class of 1946
The Class of 1946
The Practice Store
Our 1890 kitchen
 Rose Garden Ceremonies Remembered - 2009, 2011, 2012
Rose Ceremonies 
Children at the 2010 
Spring Concert
Tell me and I forget, 
Teach me and I remember, 
Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin
Retiree Ms. Williams
with her 2010 class
Science Fair 
Video Throwback 2009
In 1903, NYI was landlord to 
the New York Yankees. 

 NYI Postcards for the 1930s, image of young girls with dolls in strollers
School Postcards
from the 1930s
NYIB 9th Avenue
School architects: 
McKim, Mead and White 
 Image of the 9th avenue auditorium
Yankee great Hank Bauer 
with NYI student winner.
The NYI circa 1850
Rocker Fun circa 1924
NYISE Women in our
History Month

A lot has changed during our 187-year history, but a small class size and a dedicated staff is not one of them. 

Many sports have been 
adapted through the years.

In 1939, the Institute helped 
w/ the development of the 
1st chemistry braille code.

Home Economics 
circa 1940s
January is
Braille Literacy Month
Think warm thoughts.
Each day spring gets closer.
Holiday Celebrations 
Christmas concert 
circa 1930s
"Where words fail, 
music speaks"
-Hans Christian Anderson
Compilation video of our 
Thanksgiving celebrations
#ThrowbackThursday: Music 1937

NYI Music 1937
Laying of the 
Schermerhorn Cornerstone
NYI Halloween party circa 1949
Halloween party circa 1949
William Bell Wait inducted into Hall of Fame
William Bell Wait 
Inducted into Hall of Fame

Until the 1970s, the @nyise999 used a telephone switchboard to connect calls.

Telephone switchboard
#ThrowbackThursday Tweet on Andrea and Sarai at the 2007 Science Fair and 2017 graduation
NY Knick Earl Monroe putting the Van Cleve basketball team through some drills.
#ThrowbackThursday: Deaf Blind Department 1957
Throwback Thursday: Children playing in Schermerhorn Hall classroom
#ThrowbackThursday: Blinded WWII veterans trained at NYI  
George F. Root, Civil War Songwriter, wrote The Battle Cry of Freedom
Four girls sitting on the campus lawn petting rabbits
ThrowbackThursday image: Lower School children of Van Cleve
1917 students reading Braille
Corky at Camp Wapanacki using Apple II computer
Class of 2017 at the 2005 Cotillion
Class of 2017 at the 2005 Cotillion