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These Are Our Children (1957) » Dreams of Tomorrow

Dreams of Tomorrow

The present day participation of blind worker in industry on equal footing with sighted workers marks the highest peak in industrial employment and usefulness ever attained by the blind. Much of the credit for this achievement should be attributed to the foresighted planning of such organizations as THE NEW YORK INSTITUTE FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE BLIND.


LibraryA library building equipped with scientific lighting and electronic facilities for the partially sighted and stocked with Braille, talking books and the necessary ink print books, to serve the needs of both the undergraduate and post-graduate students.


A Swimming Pool for Blind Children

Swimming PoolA swimming pool on the school grounds has long been a cherished dream shared by the Managers and the students of the Institute.
The physical growth and muscular coordination and balance which accompany the learning and mastery of the sport of swimming are of inestimable value in the orientation of the blind and will pay important dividends in the achievement of self-reliance and greater freedom and facility of movement.


CARILLONS a new vocation Carillonfor the blind

With the establishment of a fully equipped carillon tower on the campus of the Institute will come new opportunities for the talents and artistic expansion of the blind. Carillons at the Institute will make possible the training of talented, blind students and musicians for careers as professional carillonneurs for churches and municipalities across the country.
The introduction of this old world culture and tradition to the Institute and to its community will foster a greater civic appreciation of music and culture.
It is fitting that the Institute, pioneer in the education of the blind, should become the sponsor and training center for such a new vocation and a new medium through which gifted blind musician may share their talents with music lovers everywhere.


MANUAL ARTSImage of proposed Manual Arts Building

A Manual Arts Building designed to house and expand vocational courses, projects and research lavatories to fit the blind for industrial pursuits-to develop their skills and manual dexterity will give them a real chance to become self.-supporting, contributing members of our society.