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School Life on 9th Avenue » Rules and Regulations - 1845

Rules and Regulations - 1845

Adopted March 5th, 1845

There shall be an entire separation of the sexes, except when engaged in receiving, instruction. The male pupils shall occupy the northern half of the building and grounds, and the female pupils the southern.

The bell shall be rung at six, A. M., from first of March to first of May; at half‑past five, A. M., from first of May to first of September; at six, A. M., from first of September to first of November; it half‑past six, A. M., from first of November to first of March, at which time all the pupils in the house shall rise.

At the expiration of half an hour the bell shall again be rung ­when all the officers and pupils shall assemble in the chapel for worship, which shall be conducted by the Superintendent, or in his absence by the male teacher, by the reading of a portion Of scripture and a suitable prayer.

Breakfast at one hour after the ringing of the first bell.

Dinner at half past twelve o'clock.

Tea at six o'clock, P.M. from first of March to first of November, at half-past five o'clock from first of November to first of March.

At meals every pupil shall have a regular seat, to which he shall repair without delay at the ringing of the bell, and remain standing until blessing shall be asked by one of the male pupils, who shall stand between the two dining rooms and pronounce it in an audible voice.

All loud conversation during meals is prohibited.

No person shall rise from the table until the whole are dismissed by the Superintendent. the door of the dining room shall be closed in five minutes after the ringing of the bell for meals.

School from nine to twelve, A.M., and from half-past one to half-past four, P.M.

At seven o'clock in the evening all the pupils except such as may be engaged with music, shall assemble in the school room where their Teachers shall read to them for one hour, from history, daily papers &c., &c.

At eight o'clock, P.M. all the officers and pupils shall again assemble in the chapel for worship, when a psalm or hymn shall be sung in addition to the other exercise provided for in rule 3.

At nine, P.M., the bell shall be rung, when all the pupils under fifteen years of age shall retire to bed, and again at ten, P.M. when all the inmates of the house shall retire to bed, and the houses be secured for the night.

Silence shall be observed in the dormitory when the pupils retire thereto for the night.

The pupils are prohibited from entering the dormitories from the time they leave in the morning until they retire for the night, except by permission of the Superintendent or Matron.

All the pupils shall be occupied in receiving instruction in the school, in Music or Manufactures during the hours designated by the Superintendent, and while so employed shall be subject to their respective teachers in each branch, and shall be so employed except during the hours appropriated for exercise and recreation, which shall be allotted by the Superintendent.


The female pupils, when not engaged in School, at Music, or Manufactures, or during hours for exercise and recreation, shall be under the direction of the female teacher.


No pupil will under any circumstances leave the premises without permission of the Superintendent.


No pupil will be permitted to go into the dining room, except at meals, or into the kitchen, or seamstresses room, at any time, with­out permission of the Superintendent or Matron.

On Sunday divine services shall be held in the chapel both in the morning and in the afternoon, at which all the pupils when in health must attend, excepting those who have obtained permission from the Superintendent to attend Church elsewhere.

No article shall be made by the pupils for their private benefit during the hours appropriated to study or work; any articles made at other times shall only be offered for sale or be disposed of under the direction of the Superintendent. Any proceeds of such articles or moneys otherwise earned by the pupils, shall be deposited in the hands of the Superintendent, to the credit of such pupil so earning the same, and shall be disbursed by the Superintendent according to his discretion and the assent of the pupil.

Any pupil who shall manifest a spirit of disobedience or insubordination, or shall prompt others thereto, or shall mutilate or otherwise wantonly injury any of the property of the Institution and shall, after being admonished or reprimanded, persist therein, shall be either dismissed or expelled, as the Board may determine. In the case of the dismission of any pupil, such pupil can only be re-admitted by a vote of the Board of Managers, and in case of expulsion a pupil cannot be re-admitted, and notice of such expulsion shall be given to all other institutions in the United States.

Any blind person who may have been a pupil in any other Institution for the Blind in any State in the United States, cannot be admitted into this Institution without a certificate of an honorable discharge from such Institution where he may have been an inmate.

Any pupil shall at the request of the Superintendent open any trunk, box, chest, drawer or desk, which may be locked.