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The Creative Curriculum is used in the Readiness Program. It is aligned with the NYS Common Core, maintains data on each child and in doing so assists the teachers with instructional planning and reporting of progress.

The TEACCH program is implemented in some of our classrooms. A TEACCH classroom is structured, with separate, defined areas for each task, such as individual work, group activities, and play. It relies heavily on visual learning, use of schedules made up of pictures and/or words to organize their day and to help them move smoothly between activities.
PATHS (Providing Alternative Thinking Strategies) Program is designed to facilitate the development of self-control, emotional awareness, and interpersonal problem-solving skills. The purposes of the PATHS Curriculum are to enhance the social competence and social understanding of children, as well as to facilitate educational processes in the classroom. Our goal is to help our students understand and act on their emotions so as to be able to appropriately handle social situations.