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Her Words

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Excerpted from: Jackson, S. Trevena Jackson's book titled "FANNY CROSBY'S STORY OF NINETY-FOUR YEARS".
Fanny traveled the new Erie Canal for the school in 1842 in a recruiting tour. It was a call to the public to send children with blindness to the school. 
Poetry from our Annual Reports
This poem is taken from her book "A Wreath of Columbia's Flowers" published in 1858
The Child and the Angel
Fanny's hymns served a functional purpose so she often sacrificed artistry for message or meter. It is necessary to look at her poetry in order to get a more well rounded understanding of her talent. The following example was typical of her emotional style and full-bodied images.
The Winds a Carol Murmur
This one she wrote on the death of her husband, Alexander Van Alstyne.
Conversion Poem
Poetry written by Fanny Crosby in commemoration of her "conversion".Fanny Crosby wrote "Valley of Silence" at the age of ninety five in an
attempt to capture the feelings of her rebirth with God.