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· Serving Students with Special Needs since 1831 ·

The Student Government Association

Executive Officers 
President - Marc Garcia
Vice President - Jamila Conde
Secretary - Jaslene Ramos
Treasurer - Demetrius Thomas
Advisor - Nestor Alfonso
Advisor - Saimayah Rymer
Advisor - Melanie Vazquez-Fabian


This year students participated in Kindness Week by completing a list of kind acts in from The Great Kindness Challenge
To participate with your family, check out The Great Kindness Challenge Family Addition.
to all those who work to make our SGA a success.
Past Executive Officers 
Marc Gracia, President
Mathew Cho, Vice President
Jaslene Ramos, Secretary
Zylah Garcia, Treasurer
Elliot Hankerson, Advisor
Jayson Martinez, Advisor

Iliana Mejia, President 

Alison Hannigan, Vice- President  

Cameron Dotzler, Secretary 

Jamila Conde, Treasurer 


Jayden Higgs, President
Sheik Conde, Vice- President
Cameron Dotzler, Secretary
Jamila Conde, Treasurer

Alison Hannigan, Campus & Community Relationship Advisor 
Iliana Mejia, Event Planner
Angelique Hernandez, Leader of Class Representatives

Anne-Marie St. John, Faculty Advisor


By Bassett Hough


Through the long years a beacon light

O Alma Mater dear!


thy sons and daughters have been led

By thee in paths made clear;

And life grows more beautiful

And darkness with its Pall

At thy behest

Is light upon our way.


All the years we have spent with thee

Are years we'll ne'er forget;

Our hearts are full of memories

Of happy days.


Alma Mata! Alma Mater! Alma Mata!

Forevermore we sing thy praise.


We rejoice in the faithful ones

Who labored for thy fame.


Their many years of toil and care

Were given in thy name,

Our hearts burn with gratitude

For those who went before;

Their spirit lives

With us forevermore.


We adore thee, we honor thee,

We pledge our love anew;

We keep aglow the memories

Of happy days.


Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Alma Mater!

Forevermore we sing they praise.