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MeMoves is a multi-media program using a combination of music, movement and images. It is organized into 3 categories: Joy, Calm and Focus. The program is designed to increase attention and calmness in as little as two minutes.  MeMoves can be shown on the Smart Board or a computer monitor. The students mirror the simple, geometric shapes performed by the people on the screen.  Using MeMoves just a few minutes each day is shown to decrease stress, improve mood and enhance the ability to focus and self-regulate.  It is designed to be used as a shared activity.

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  • 3:47 Braille Games

    The Braille Games created by Nachum Lehman and Meir Naiman are a very exciting development in education and entertainment for children with blindness and visual impairments. I have used the games with children ranging in age from 5-21.

    All my students are excited to have some new and completely accessible games to play.
    Younger students are able to practice and develop Braille skills while using the Memory and Matching Games. In addition to developing Braille skills, the Hangman Game enables my students to practice spelling skills.

    As a teacher, I especially enjoy the ability to author the games and target specific letters, words or sounds. Being able to increase the level of difficulty affords the opportunity for older students and even adults to enjoy Hangman as an appropriate leisure activity.

    All the games work with a Braille display and/or a QWERTY keyboard. I have used these games with students who have average sight and Learning Disabilities. This encourages turn taking, sharing and typing skills. The educational modules that can be created are limited only by my imagination!

    Tina Perretti

    Uploaded Dec 05, 2016 to Enriched Curriculum

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