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New York Point

While there is some historical controversy on who invented New York Point, we give credit to William Bell Wait for its development and promotion. At the beginning of the 20th century it was the most widely used code in the United States. Today it is a relic almost forgotten.

The Kleidograph for writing in New York PointWhile the Kleidograph did have 12 keys, it was a writer designed for one handed use.
The New York Point Alphabet
The New York Point Alphabet
Capital letters of NY Point. Capital letters of NY Point.

Types of Reading Codes Used in the US
(as reported in the 1910 census)
  New York Point 57.2%
  American Braille 28.1%
  English or European Braille 4.7%
  Line type or letter 23.9%
  Moon type 11.1%
  Kind not reported 6.4%
Source: Department of Commerce-Bureau of Census, The Blind in the United States 1910,
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1 Table 113, page 137