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Student Personal & Professional Development

Our students learn about fields of study they can pursue after graduating from our Schermerhorn Program. In helping them through this process, we provide various career readiness informational and training opportunities, including mock interviews, internships, job search support, and college preparation. In addition, we encourage students to also learn about the careers of individuals in their communities, NYISE Alum, and the career paths of their friends and extended families. 
As taking the first step in a dialogue can be challenging, below is a list of questions compiled from students during the 2022/2023 school year's Where Are They Now Speaker Series as part of our Student Wellness Works program.
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Who Questions
Who were your favorite teachers, and why?
What Questions 
What was your least favorite class during high school?
What was your favorite class during high school?
What do you wish you did more of during high school?
What programs should students be taking advantage during high school?
What was your high school experience like?
How Questions
How did high school prepare you for college?
How did you find an internship?
How did you learn about academic subjects not taught in school?
How Questions
How did you find your job?
How would I find a job like yours?
How can networking help you get a job?
How do you like your job?
How hard is your type of job?
Who Questions
Who helps you the most?
Who is your role model?
Who is your biggest supporter?
Who helped you find your job?
What Questions  
What was your first job?
What is it like to interview for a job?
What do you put on your resume?
What is the job market like in your area of study?
What helped you decide what to do for a career?
What made you decide to follow your career path?
What is the difference between a job and a career?
What do you plan to do in the future?
What do you expect to achieve in the future?
Why Questions 
Why writing is important in college and finding a job?
Why is math important in college and finding a job?
Why is asking questions at a job interview important?
Why can it be helpful to have an internship before getting a job?
What can an informational interview be a good first step to finding a job?
How Questions
How hard is your career path?
How do you find help when you need it?
How old were you when you decided what to do as a career?
Did/Do Questions
Do you work on a team with others or by yourself?
Do you volunteer?
Did you take a break between high school and college?
Did you find it hard to do all your work at college?
Did you know what you wanted to do for a career?
How Questions 
How much do you have to study?
How many classes do you have to take?
How do you find your way around campus?
How did you choose where to go to college?
How did you know what you wanted to major in?
How did you know what colleges were out there?
How do you adapt from living at home to living at college?
How hard is college, and how can you find help when needed?
How did you advocate for yourself to get what you needed for your classes?
How many other students do you meet who are blind or visually inpaired?
What Questions 
What was your major?
What was your minor?
What is it like living in a dorm?
What is it like to be in college?
What degree did you graduate with?
What is the point of going to college?What is it like living with a roommate?
What does being teachable mean to you?
What skills for independence do students need for college?
What advice do you have for students who want to go to college?
What advice do you have for those applying to college right now?
What advice do you have for those going to college next year?
What challenges did you face in college, and how did you overcome them?
Where Questions 
Where did you go to college?
Where do you buy your books?
Why Questions
Why did you choose the college you went to?
Why did you choose to go to college?
Why did you choose your major (or minor)?
Did/Do Questions
Did you have a dream college?
Did you tour a college in person?
Did you have a mentor in college?
Did anyone help you research where to go to college?
Did anyone help you fill out your college application?
Did you do any internships while in college? If so, how many and where?
Who Questions
Who told you what classes to take?

NYISE student's graduate and move on to colleges and universities in the tri-state area, including:


Brooklyn College

Hostos Community College

Molloy University

Marymount Manhattan College

Rockland Community College

School of Visual Arts Filmmaking

Stony Brook, Fine Arts Program

SUNY Purchase, Fine Arts Program

Queens College

Student Wellness Works is made possible through a generous grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.
Named after a tireless advocate for immigrants, children, and the poor, the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation funds programs and initiatives across New York State that either provide direct healthcare services or address the social determinants of health.
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