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Successful Food Drive Make Delivery to Food Pantry

With the help of the school’s porters, we were able to get the large number of boxes quickly outside and loaded into vehicles. Groups 16 and 17 were in charge of sorting, counting and delivering the food donations to POTS.

School porters loading boxes of donations to the elevator

Group 16 went shopping to Aldi with the money that was donated and purchased over 150 cans. They then went to POTS and delivered the items. 

Students unloading vehicles outside POTS

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Drive chart showing a successful drive that met the goal of 2700 items. Group 17 went to Fordham Prep to meet the students and from there to help us drop off the remaining food.  The students from Fordham Prep assisted us with sighted guide as well as carrying the food. 

These young men, named: Kelly, Arthur, Nick, Nick, and Alex learned sighted guide quickly and assisted us in carrying the remaining food.  It was a wonderful experience with our guides to make sure all of the food was delivered safely, and to provide for the poor.

 We met our goal of 2,704!!

It was a lot of hard work but it was worth it, especially seeing all the needy people waiting for outside of POTS for their food.

Students carrying many boxes inside POTS

Thank you all for your donations.

Group of student in front of POTS after delivering the goods.
A special thanks to the family of Justin Bryant who continue to donate food in his memory !