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Congratulations to students Jessica for her 2nd place & Xavier for his 3rd place finish in the Regional Braille Challenge

Jessica and Xavier at the challenge, photo used in the Tweet

 Senior Jessica Karim and 4th grader Xavier joined their classmates in participating in this year's Braille Challenge. Once their scores are compared to the other New York regional competitions, they may get the opportunitiy to represent New York State at the national finals in California organized by the Braille Institute . In the past, the school has compteted in the nationals and has had a national champion. 

3 young students enjoying the day and waiting for the competition to begin.

The Braille Challenge® is an academic competition unlike any other. This two-stage contest is designed to motivate blind students to emphasize their study of braille, while rewarding their success with fun-filled, but challenging, local and national events. Braille Challenge contest categories include reading comprehension, writing speed and accuracy, proofreading, spelling, and reading tactile charts and graphs.

Wani listening to a recording and transcribing it into braille.

It is not all work. The student's parents learned about opportunities available for their students by visiting booths by a variety of organizations. They were entertained by a brass ensemble, and learned about the sport of beep baseball from the local team called The Long Island Bombers

Xavier with the Bomber learning how to play beep baseball.

Additional photos Here

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