Our 186th First Day of School and it never get old.

Young student of the Schermerhorn program smiling broadly.

We have had 186 first day of schools and each one has been a celebratory occasion for both students and staff. New friendships are being made and old ones renewed. Staff members look forward to bringing to their charges a lot of love and dedication. Students know that they will find a caring home away from home that will be both fun and enriching.

Additional Photos of the 3 Programs

The Schermerhorn Program has 140 students ready to learn Braille, mobility and a busy full schedule. Most will by the 12th grade leave us and go to college. The Van Cleve Program has 4 classes of children that will remediate the behavioral and learning deficits of the kids by providing academic and social skills necessary to enter a less restrictive program.

Van Cleve students working at their desks

More Schermerhorn Program Photos

The Readiness Program has 124 children many attending school for the first time. And they will find a dedicated staff and a loving environment that will nurture them to their full potential.  

Readiness class with their teacher.

More Readiness Programs Photos

Everyone looks forward to a wonderful new year.