Wild West Day at The Readiness Program

Square dancing during Wild West Day 

“Wild West Day” is the second of out three special events planned for the children to enjoy during the summer. At the event, children will participate in a variety of fun, themed games and activities including: Toss the Bean Bag into the Cowboy Hat; Lasso the Horse (a hula hoop toss over a child-size toy horse); “Digging for Gold” (finding hidden coins in the sand); and Square Dancing, among others.

News 12 Coverage on the Event

Teachers and therapist worked together to plan activities that help the students practice motor, language and social skills in a fun and unique way.

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The Readiness Program provides special education services to children ages 3-5. Students who have been identified as a preschooler with a disability and have a recommendation for special education are placed in the program through their local Committee on Preschool Special Education.