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Alumni Association spend a weekend on campus.

The NYI Alumni Association holds its annual retreat on campus the last weekend of June after graduation. They arrive on campus starting Friday evening and enjoy a weekend of renewed friendships, the recollection of fond memories and educated on the condition of the school they so dearly love.

Alumni can visit for the day or sleepover for one night or two. Typically, Friday is spent as quiet evening with friends and a walking trip to one of the local restaurants.

Saturday is the most busy and important day of the weekend. It starts with a hearty catered breakfast and then a meeting in the auditorium. The old school hymnals are brought out of storage and they hold a sing-a-long of favorites, especially the Alma Mater. Dr. Kappen, the Executive Director and Joseph Catavero, Principal of Schermerhorn report on the events of the past year at the Institute.

Saturday’s lunch included a concert by a music band called “Los Ciegos del Barrio” which has 4 members that graduated from the Institute in the 1980’s. After the concert and lunch, they held a business meeting in which the Association finances and dues are discussed and officers are selected. After the business meeting, they were various activities such as swimming, bingo, a tour of the school museum and for some people just hanging out with lifelong friends.

Dinner was a barbecue followed by a lively auction conducted by Roz Wright. After the auction, they were treated to a mini concert from Duane Steele. Duane brought a keyboard which was controlled by his iPhone and he perform various songs that they sang to. The day ended with a wine and cheese party in the dining room followed by quiz game led by Lynnette.

Sunday morning is a continental breakfast, final farewells and a trip home. The Alumni weekend is always a great event they look forwarded to and one that the school is always eager to host. 

Los Ciegos Del Barrio Website

Ciegos del Barrio - Photo with Alvin, Derek and Machete