The 2020 Regional Braille Challenge

Group of NYI contestants smiling before the opening ceremonies

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, fourteen students, from NYISE, participated in the 2020 Regional Braille Challenge on Long Island.

Student walking in during the opening ceremony

The Braille Challenge, developed by the Braille Institute, motivates students to practice their braille literacy skills which are essential to academic and employment success. The students were tested on various skills such as reading comprehension, spelling, speed and accuracy, proofreading, and charts and graphs.

Student taking challenge test

The day was not all work though as the students participated in two sports activities provided by both Sensei Devin Fernandez of Third Eye Insight and The Bombers Beep Baseball Team. 

Composite image of the Sensei and Bombers actvities

Students from around the U.S., with the highest scores, are invited to Los Angeles, in June, for the final round – two days of competition.  Last June, 5th-grade student, Alina Davila-Tirado had the privilege of attending that event due to her excellent performance at last year's Regional competition.

A group of students taking the Challenge Test

A day of camaraderie and fun was had by all!

Two NYI students waiting their turn

The Braille Challenge is the only academic competition of its kind in North America for students who are blind or visually impaired. Braille Institute developed the Braille Challenge to motivate students to practice and hone their braille literacy skills, which are essential to academic and employment success. Any blind or visually impaired student in grades 1 – 12 who can read and write braille is eligible to participate in the Braille Challenge.

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Group photo of Braille Challenge participants