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NYISE 2019 Spring Concert

TV News Coverage

NY1 Students Showcase Talents on Bronx Stage



Prelude and Postlude Spring Concert Music “Breath”
Performed by Middle and High School Choir

Welcome by Joe Catavero

“Three Little Kittens”
Performed by Chanya  Kory, Michael with Solos by Iolanta and Nastacia

“We Are the Champions”
Performed by Schermerhorn 1, 3, 4

“Joy in May”
An Improvisation on the English Bells performed by Schermerhorn 20.

“This Pretty Planet” and ”Gonna Build the Mountain “ Performed by Schermerhorn 5-9 and Van Cleve

“In My Feeling” A duet on piano performed by Demetrius and Mathew.

“Proud Mary” A vocal solo by Morgan

“Jazz Improvisation” A piano solo performed by Joel

“Nevermore” by Queen Performed by Nathalie  

“The Place Where Lost Things Go” by Emily Blunt Performed by Alana  

“Battle Cry of Freedom” Music by “George F. Root.Performed by Emmanuel and Jonathan

“Jazz Improvisation” A piano solo performed by Anthony

“Let Her Go” by Jasmine Thompson. A vocal solo performed by Iliana

“Mercy” by Shawn Mendes. A vocal solo performed by Angelique

“Perdoname” by Monchy & Alexandra. A vocal duet performed by Darlin and Angelique

“Is This The End” A vocal solo performed by Wani

“The Way I Am” A vocal solo performed by Mikael

“Lost in Thought “ A vocal solo by Isabelle

“Sundown Dance” A dance choreographed and performed by Jaden

Finale: “I Am a Small Part of the World” by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse and “Have It All “ by Jason Mraz. Performed by Schermerhorn 10-22 and 24:

 Additional Photos Here

MCs: Christopher Murphy, Alana Ambrosecchia, Shuaibu Kabba

Audio Visual Crew/Technical Support: Ms. Perretti, Cecilia Morales, Malachi Cobb, Misael Gonzalez, Jamila Conde, Ethan Arias, Zoe Marsh, Jhene Lliteras, Anthony Ramirez, Iliana Mejia

Music: Ms. McCarthy

Special Thanks to: Mr. Lantingua, Mr. Thomas

Set Decoration: Mr. Dan Lubiner and students

Program Design: Mr. Hernandez

Braille Transcription: Ms. Vargas

Braille Cover: Ms. Zulli

Photography/Video: Kevin Figueroa, Mr. Busone, Ms.Zulli

Additional Sound/Program Enhancement: Mr. J. Hernandez

Special Support: Ms. Leyla Rodriguez, Ms. McElroy, Ms. Cruz

Mr. Naum Shulman & Today’s Performers would like to Thank:
Dr. Kappen, Ms. Benisatto, Mr. Catavero, Mr. Laracuente

Ms. Manz , Ms. Fragale, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Squiteri, Mr. Rodiles, Mr. John Baptiste, Mr. Slavin, & all NYISE Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Child Care Workers, Maintenance, Housekeeping & Security Staff for their Support, Encouragement, and Extra Effort.