Photo Album

Our Annual Fun Day was indeed just that! Students got to walk around on a beautiful day and participate in various games and activities, bouncy houses, grab some popcorn or sno-cones, pet some amazing wildlife. As usual, it was a great success! All thanks to our amazing staff members who put it all together!

A man and a woman are standing outside on a path with soemone in a star mascot costume
Woman is holding up peace signs in a balloon crown hat under a tent
A man is standing across from a young boy with a tee ball on a field
A man is placing a ball on a tee ball for a young boy who is holding a bat
Two teachers and 5 young students are standing against a brick wall and photo booth backdrop
A boy is pickin up a small basketball in a basketball hoop game
A boy is shooting a basketball at a basketball arcade net game
A boy is swinging a bat at a tee ball
A bunny is laying on the grass next to a small white fence
A kangaroo is standing inside of a cage
A woman is holding a bunch of small toy footballs
a girl is throwing a toy football at a net where a teacher stands
2 teachers stand with a class at a photo backdrop of a stadium, all wearing foam fingers
A group of young children all wear foam fingers in front of a photobooth backdrop
2 teachers and 5 young children hold up foam fingers and balloon animals in front of a photo booth backdrop
3 children stand on grass with a star mascot
children and a teacher are rolling a giant volleyball on the grass
a man shows a young student how to swing a bat at a teeball on a field
young students are jumping in a bouncy castle
a young girl is about to swing at a tee ball
2 goats are inside of a pen
A young girl is touching a cup with a piece of paper on top
A group of pre-k students and their teachers stand in front of a giant volleyball
pre-k students and teachers stand against a brick wall next to a star mascot
young students jump inside of  bouncy castle
a young girl smiles inside of a bouncy castle