Photo Album

December 2023: Various Holiday activities with our Residential/Recreation Program! Students had a magician come to the dorms, took a trip to Dave & Buster's, had holiday meals and had a great night of the Kiwanis Club!!

A woman is sitting at a table with 4 students, all in Santa hats, eating pizza. Fireplace in the background
3 men are posing together holding dinner plates with pizza, christmas decorations behind them
A magician is holding the hands of a girl, guiding her for a trick
A magician is doing a trick with a girl student, christmas decorations behind them
4 students are sitting at a table decorated for christmas, all wearing Santa hats, doing crafts
9 teachers are posing in front of christmas decor, some with Santa hats, posing for the camera
Students and teachers are standing in the front of a Dave & Buster's sign
2 girls are playing at an arcade machine together
2 girls are playing whack a mole in an arcade