Photo Album

December 2023: The Schermerhorn students put on a wonderful performance for their family and friends in the Gymnasium! Congratulations to all those who performed. Thank you again Mr. Naum for putting together an amazing show. And thank you to all the staff and students who helped organize this!

two woman are smiling for the camera in a gym
3 students are smiling in front of a lit Christmas tree
A boy is playing a keyboard as a teacher stands behind him in a suit. There is a row of students sitting behind him
A boy in a white shirt and bow tie is sitting and playing a keyboard
A boy and two girls are singing in front of microphones in the middle of a gymnasium
two girls are singing in the middle of a gymnasium
2 boys and a girl are playing English bells at a table
a boy is sitting in a chair in a shirt and bowtie
a girl is playing English bells in front of a microphone
a girl is playing two English Bells
A crowd of parents are seen from the side, filming the students performing in the front of the Gym.
5 students are seen signing in front of their teacher, with 2 microphones
A girl is sitting in a chair surrounded by classmates
Two students are sitting  in chairs, with reindeer antler headbands
Two teachers are sitting against a wall in a gym, smiling
A crowd is seen from the side in a massive gymnasium
A boy is seen from the side,  signing into a microphone
2 students are sitting, talking to each other
a row of English bells are seen with students sitting behind them
a boy is seen singing from the front, standing in front of his classmates in a gymnasium
three rows of students are seen standing at their chairs, singing
a group of young kids are seen sitting in their chairs in the corner of a Gymnasium
girls and boys dressed in white are seen standing in front of their chairs, singing.
Two teachers are smiling for the camera