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· Serving Students with Special Needs since 1831 ·

Photo Album

A young girl smiles at a desk
3 students smile from a small round desk in class
A young boy smiles at his desk in front of legos
A young girl smiles at her desk
A young boy looks up from his desk
a boy smiles and waves at his desk
2 teachers and 2 students stand outside on a path in front of trees
A teacher is standing in her room holding papers
A high school student is typing on his laptop at a desk
A high school student is reading at her desk
A high school student is standing next to a \"Welcome\" sign in the hallway
A high school student and her teacher are standing together in the hallway
A young student is at his desk
2 young students are eating at their desk
A teacher is standing in front of her student in the classroom
A young student smiles while eating at her desk
An aid and a young student smile at her desk
A woman waves from behind the coffee shop counter
A speech therapist and a student are sitting at a tiny desk
A kindergartener is kneeling in front of a toy kitchen in the classroom
A teacher is talking on the phone in her classroom
The Vice Principal is handing papers to the Principal in an Office.