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Photo Album

Always something exciting and new to see, do and explore at the Liberty Science Center. Some of the exhibits enjoyed by the kids were: INFINITY CLIMBER: Climb, crawl and balance your way through the world's first suspended climbing play space of its kind. With multiple routes to explore and pathways that go as high as 35 feet above the floor, the Infinity Climber was a thrilling climbing gym for the 21st century! DREAM MACHINE: Explore different emotions in this interactive, sensory adventure! The Dream Machine uses bicycle pumps to produce combinations of colors, sounds, and scents – some pleasant, some unpleasant. SKYSCRAPERS! Skyscrapers are among the ultimate achievements in engineering. In this exhibition, they learned about skyscrapers' effects on culture, the environment, and even local weather patterns. They put on a safety harness and walked on a narrow steel beam 18 feet above the floor! Photographers: Emile Britton and Mario Fidanza