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Photo Album

DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board. Versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a stylus to create instant raised-line drawings. The DRAFTSMAN drawing board is intended for a wide audience, such as visually impaired students, teachers, parents, and adults. This year the Art program received five DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Boards from APH. The Draftsman uses recently developed technology. It allows students to instantly create tactile drawings with a stylus and a special “drawing film.” Lines “pop-up” instantly as students use the stylus. The draftsman is not only a fun creative tool in the art room, but it can also be used as a learning tool in Science and Math. Thank you to Mr. Catavero for his help in obtaining the five DRAFTSMAN’s. Here of some photographs of students enjoying the DRAFTSMAN. Photographer: Daniel Lubiner