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Photo Album

Sports have always been an important part of the school's program. Here the first photos are from 1911 activities at the school when it was on 9th Avenue and continue with various activities through the 1970s.

1911 Boy athletes doing exercises
1911 photo of students execising on the front lawn when the school was on 9th Avenue
5 Photos from the 1911 yearbook of NYI boys doing pyramids with their bodies
1911 Girls running on the school grounds
1911 photo of a student doing a high jump
Students shooting a basketball at hoop as instructor taps the rim with a stick
Large group of girls doing situps in the gymnasium
Two students climbing a rip to the gym ceiling
2 young students exercising on a wooden jungle gym
Student in the small gym working with pulleys and boxing a heavy bag
Student swimming in the school pool
A group of students getting ready to race on the dash track
students looking at their arrows in an archary target. Above the target is door bell that rings to assist in tracking the location
Students playing baseball usng a bat and basketball
a student smacking a basketball with a bat
A student boxing on a small punching bag.
Mass of students playing a variation of football
Teacher assisting a student with his golf putting
Young albino girl doing a running high jump
Group of student using the guide wires on the dash track as they prepare to race.
Students on high bars doing an exercise
A student jumping on a trampoline as he is watched by students.
Student playing volleyball using a massive 3 foot ball.
Student wresting in the old original gym in the sub-basement
The 1951 crew team posing on the dock with their oars
Students on the Harlem River working on the training boat their rowing skills.