Photo Album

Groups 2 and 4 visited Greenburgh Nature Center on Thursday, October 27, 2016. The children had a wonderful fun and hands-on learning experience. <br><br>The children were at their best behavior and waited patiently for his or her turn to touch each animal. We learned lots of information about the animal and experienced different textures. We touched the large tortoiseu2019s hard shell and watched it walk to eat lettuce. We saw how very long the snake is, touched its scaly skin and got to feel the skin that the snake sheds. We felt the millipede on our hands. Each child followed the instruction to touch the bearded dragon lizard with only one finger. The children loved touching the cuddly chinchilla. We learned how chinchillas take a dust bath to keep clean. We all enjoyed this multi-sensory experience.<br><br>Photographer: Edie Goldman