Photo Album

Groups 7 and 8 visited the u201Crainforestu201D this week at the Botanical Gardens. First, we traveled throughout the desert. Next, we explored three of the four layers of the rainforest. We experienced the conditions of the different layers of the rainforest. We felt the humidity, the moisture, and touched different plants and the sizes, shapes and textures of the leaves that grow on the different layers of the rainforest.<br><br>After that, we watered and felt different plants and leaves in our workshop room. We also planted plants of our very own! The trip ended with a picnic lunch under a gazebo in the garden. It was a day of hands-on learning that brought the rainforest to life for all our students! And the best part is...the weather held out for us! What a fun way to learn about rainforests!<br><br>Photographers: Emily Mather and Nancy Smith