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The Martin Luther tournament was held in Queens, NY. It was on Saturday, January 5. 2013, at 8:00am. There were five wrestlers that competed from our team- Thomas, Clay, Tiasheem, Wayne and Erick. Mr. Earl and Mr. David were coaching as sometimes two wrestling matches went on simultaneously. <br><br>In all there were sixteen teams that competed. A lot of people came to support us, even the past student council President, Felix Castro.<br><br>The tournament lasted all day until 6:00pm. Every match was harder than the one before. Erick only had two matches and made it to the finals and received second place honors. Our wrestlers made it to the finals and some did not.. <br>Four teammates made it to the finals and Tiasheem won third place, Clay, fourth place. <br><br>Thomas made it to the finals, and got fourth place. As a whole the team came in 8th place in the tournament.