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Artistic Expression...

VC 3 and 4 have learned to paint. This time they painted a still life of a beautiful flower and a beautiful. They enjoyed learning different techniques of painting. They REALLY enjoyed the final product. Each student created a beautiful piece of art. If you get a chance come and visit our mini art gallery upstairs in Van Cleve by room 202. You will be impressed!

Photographer: Eileen McElroy

92925/30829/62466_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62491_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62500_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62519_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62529_thumb.jpg
92925/30829/62541_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62563_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62582_thumb.jpg 92925/30829/62590_thumb.jpg