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Photo Album

On May 26th, students of group nine had a cultural experience on making a Spanish breakfast.  The menu consisted of hot chocolate Spanish style and toasted bread with butter to be dipped into the chocolate.  The pictures reflect different stages in the process of making the Spanish breakfast.  The students also practiced their ADL skills in cooking.

08495/87021/92195/13411/31474_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31500_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31513_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31540_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31552_thumb.jpg
08495/87021/92195/13411/31568_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31574_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31595_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31607_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31627_thumb.jpg
08495/87021/92195/13411/31646_thumb.jpg 08495/87021/92195/13411/31660_thumb.jpg