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Photo Album

Crazy  Face Day  is a day when people think of new and creative things to do with art. Its also a way of showing out school spirit in a fun way Some students even painted there whole face. There were about 26 students participating in the event.  As you can see from these photographs we had a lot of fun being creative.  It was nice to see everyone have so much fun.  

08495/44746/72011/03334/15730_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15737_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15750_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15759_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15770_thumb.jpg
08495/44746/72011/03334/15790_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15798_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15827_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15843_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15865_thumb.jpg
08495/44746/72011/03334/15872_thumb.jpg 08495/44746/72011/03334/15887_thumb.jpg