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On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, the Van Cleve Student Council held a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser !
Students and staff were provided the opportunity to purchase a delicious pancake breakfast with included a  juicebox for $2.00.  The Student Council; Josh Elgandy, Kevin Araujo, and Myeeka Hollington along with moderators, Ms.Nardi and Mrs. McElroy started cooking first thing in the morning.

The members of the Student Council also had help from students: Ayana Cruz and Benjamin Cobarrubia. They set up all the supplies, prepared the pancake batter and sliced the butter. Ms. Nardi "manned" the griddle and the students plated the food and placed them on trays. With some guidance from Mrs. McElroy they quickly set up a system of expediting the orders and delivering them to all the hungry customers that were waiting patiently in their classrooms.
The Pancake Breakfast was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed their delicious homemade breakfast!
The event was a fundraiser with all the proceeds going toward the "Adopt an Elephant Program". Van Cleve will use the monies to adopt/sponsor an orphaned and/or injured elephant in Africa.

The children are very excited to learn about their elephant and to watch its progress toward being healthy again and eventually being released back into the wild.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  

Photographer: James Rivera

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