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Group 19 Food Drive
The month of November is known as Hunger Awareness Month, so we decided to have a food drive. We donated canned food to Part of the Solution(POTS). POTS is a loving community that nourishes the basic needs and hungers of all who come to their door. It is located on Webster Avenue for the past thirty years. We collected 1,525 cans. Group 24 won; the prize was a free lunch. The other groups helped out by collecting, sorting and putting the food in boxes. The students from Fordham Prep, also located in the Bronx, helped us to organize and deliver the food. We would like to thank the Schermerhorn program for all their time energy and donations to the food drive.

Group 18 Article
Hunger affects people in many different ways.  1 out of 6 people do not have enough food to eat.  1 out of 5 children face hunger.  This month we were given a challenge to help and combat hunger.  The challenge was that the Schermerhorn Program would try to donate a thousand canned-food items.  Also each group would have a chart where they could keep group of how many cans their group bought in.  Our class helped out in many different ways.  We went around to all the different class rooms and collected all the canned-food items.  We also had to keep track of the group numbers and how many cans each group brought in. 
Once collected the canned-food items had to be sorted out by type.  All the items then had to be boxed and taken to POTS which stands for Part of the Solution.  The group that came in first place was group 24.  They collect 235 items.  In the end we collect 1,525 items.  So we exceeded our goal by 525 items.  It was an amazing experience and we will do it again next year and we will include Readiness and Van Cleve.

Photographer: Kevin Figueroa

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