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Dr. Steve Zeide is the owner of Bull’s Head Pet Hospital. His primary veterinary interests are internal and preventative medicine of dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets (in fact, any pet that can fit through the door). He loves to share his passion for animals with others, whether it’s participating in pet-facilitated therapy at human hospitals and nursing homes or visiting schools.
It’s doubly rewarding when the students come to Bull’s Head Pet Hospital to discover more. Finally, of course, what would a veterinarian be without pets of his own? He has a a 13-year old feline and an 8-year old dog named Dover. Dr. Zeide brought Dover to Van Cleve along with an African Grey Parrot.
He taught the Van Cleve students how to care for pets, and what it is like to be a veterinarian. The Van Cleve students were even able to brush Dover's teeth, brush his hair, and hold his beautiful parrot.
The students and staff all expressed what a wonderful experience this was and hope to have Dr. Zeide back to our school in the future. Thank you Dr. Zeide!

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