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You Only Need One…


Not too long ago, I found myself sitting inside a local sushi restaurant. It’s a semi-popular and moderately priced Japanese-fusion sushi establishment in a rather upscale suburb of NYC. I have been going there with no issues for the past six years or so, never really encountered a problem, asides from the usual order miscommunication or something along those lines.


My fiancé and I sat in the restaurant on a very slow afternoon enjoying the quiet space and our hot tea. Not too long after we had started eating, we saw a woman with dark glasses and a white cane lead herself into the restaurant. Seeing as how I work at a school for the blind and visually-impaired, this was not an unusual occurrence or sight for me. Once the hostess had guided her to the table, the woman sat down. The hostess then gave the woman a menu and walked away. Not a braille menu, not large print, just a regular menu.


The woman just sat at the table. She was already eating alone – which is fine – but on top of not having anyone to talk to and pass the time, she was now sitting in silence and waiting until the waitress meandered over to read her the menu.


Asides from the initial act that is disturbing to my core – someone giving a regular menu to a blind person, then walking away – the entire encounter had left me dumbfounded.


If you own, manage, or even just work at a restaurant, I am asking that you spend the minuscule amount of money it costs to have a menu made in Braille or in large print for the visually impaired. You would not need to order multiple, in the case that you would have more than one blind person sitting at the same table or in the restaurant at the same time, I guarantee they would not mind sharing or waiting a few minutes. Much like having a ramp for wheelchair access, you would only need one and it would really make the world of a difference for those who need it. is one example of a company that can make any documents into Braille or large print. Ex. Business cards, menus, brochures, etc.