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Ms. Eba Taylor » Literacy Starts at Home: Family Reading

Literacy Starts at Home: Family Reading

We encourage all our students and families to read together often. 
Benefits of reading:
Strengthens Language Skills
Improves Memory
Increases Concentration
Increases Attention Span
Improves Writing Skills
Increases Vocabulary
Increases Knowledge
Tip: Schedule a daily or nightly family reading time. If your child isn't reading by themselves, read-a-loud to them. 
Lucy's Picture 
by Nicholas Moon
A girl makes a collage picture for her blind grandfather
Brian's Bird 
by Patricia Anne Davis
A young boy who is blind learns to care for his new parakeet.

Yuko-chan and the Daruma Doll 
by author/illustrator Sunny Seki
Yuko-chan, an adventurous blind orphan, is able to do amazing things....
Colors of the Wind: The Story of Blind Artist and Champion Runner George Mendoza
by JL Powers and George Mendoza
George was one of those kids. You know, the kind that never stays still. And then one day, the doctor said he was going blind.
Vision to Dream
by Jacory Wiley
Vision to Dream is about a visually impaired young boy who loves to play sports, especially baseball. 
In progress
In progress

Did you know we have a wonderful library on campus with large print and braille books, magazines, audiobooks, and literacy materials for students and staff. Used by approximately 80% of our students throughout the academic year, our Edward R. Finch Library provides a nurturing environment rich with the knowledge, history, and hope that literature offers to readers of all ages and abilities. Every book added to our library brings with it the potential to impact our students' lives for years to come!

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