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Ms. Eba Taylor » NYC: Fall Activities

NYC: Fall Activities

Fall is the migratory season, and many birds are en-route to NYC's parks, playgrounds, backyards, and shorelines. Check out the links below and consider joining one of the many bird-watching groups that enjoy listening and learning about these beautiful creatures.


Birding in the Bronx

Birding in Manhattan

Birding in Queens

Birding in Staten Island

Birding in Brooklyn

Birding in Westchester


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

All About Birds

Audubon Society

Did you know there are over 20,000 known bee species and about 17,500 species of butterflies in the world. Of these, 4,000 bees are native to the United States, and 750 species of butterflies are in the United States.


Encourage your child to learn more about these beautiful and fascinating creatures with these resources:


National Geographic


Smithsonian Institute


United States Department of Interior


Bronx River Alliance


Crotona Park


New York Botanic Garden (Helen’s Garden for the Senses)

NYBG's Home Gardening Center’s, Helen’s Garden for the Senses, includes braille signage.


Pelham Bay Park (Sensory Garden)

Located in Pelham Bay Park's Playground for All Children, the Sensory Garden includes colorful new foliage and flowers, offering playful light and shadow effects, sounds, touchable textures, and fragrances showcasing native biodiversity."

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Fragrance Garden)

Created in 1955, BBG's Fragrance Garden "was the first garden in the country designed to accommodate people with visual impairments, though its multi-sensory approach appeals to all visitors, particularly children."


Brooklyn Bridge Park 


Shirley Chisholm State Park

Every-Kid-in-a-Park 4th Grade Free Entry

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