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Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE

Ana Dimas directing the little toupe
Ana Dimas is owner and dance instructor at Bronxville Ballet. Before owning her own dance studio, Ana was contracted to provide a music and movement program with the Readiness Program. She had a positive impact on our students, but she will quickly tell you that her experience with our students had an impact on her and her teaching practices. “Indeed, though my new non- profit was inspired by the ballet school I own and operate, a great deal of the mission was informed by my experience with you and your students (Readiness). Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE is Ana’s nonprofit that takes its name from the notion that the best things in life are indeed, NOT FOR SALE. The best things in life should be given away “
In her desire to give back to the community, Ana volunteered to conduct 2 ballet classes a week in Readiness. She created a custom dance and movement centered instruction for the children at the Readiness Program in the hope of having the girls learn new skills, gain a positive self-image and have a chance to be a “princess”. 

To deliver on her mission to provide ballet inspired clothing to those in need Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE delivered a box of custom made dresses to the children in Readiness who participated in Ana’s ballet classes.

It has been a joy to see the girl’s progress in their movements, body awareness, language and social skill these past few months. The girls looked forward to each session and were attentive and cooperative during the class. They had no expectations of receiving dresses at the end of the program. On Thursday, May 2, 2019, Ana came for her class and presented each girl in the program with a “princess inspired” dress. The dresses were purposefully designed so that the girls could put them on at any time and “feel like a princess.” You can see from their faces that Ana’s mission was accomplished.
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