March 28, 2024 (10:00 -11:30am): For the first time since 2019, the Science Fair returned to the Gymnasium in Schermerhorn. Focused on the theme Science Fair theme "Chemical Reaction," students showcased their projects with their peers, staff, and parents. News 12 also stopped by to talk with students and ask them about their work. To watch their interviews copy and paste this link in your browser:

a man holds a white bunny out that children are petting
2 girls sit at a table with a solar toy car
A girl with a white cane stands in front of her poster at a table
Woman and a boy are talking in front of a presentation table
A man is talking to a student and teacher at a table
a woman stands next to a project with her student at a table
a newswoman holds her microphone with a spotlight on her
2 girls and a boy sit at a table where they are presenting "Digestion"
a man is showing reptile bones to a girl across a table
A poster is on a table, titled "Volcanic Eruption"
a boy poses with his parents at a table, with a poster titled "diet coke geysers"
A teacher talks to her student who is wearing an apron and goggles, in front of a poster that sound "The bouncy bunch"
A poster called "magic milk experiment is on a table"
2 teachers stand with the class of 5 students at a table with a poster
A man holds a bunny, kneeling down, for a boy to pet
A mom runs her sons hand over the bones of a reptile
A boy reaches into a container to make some slime
2 teachers are talking to a little girl
2 girls sit at a table
A poster titled "Solar Energy" has scientific research data on it
A boy is making an experiement in a plastic bin, in front of a poster that says "Lemon Volcano"
A teacher leans down to talk to a little girl at a table, next to a poster called "invisible ink"
A boy sits at a table