Readiness Winter Wonderland! The Readiness staff works so hard every year to transform our solarium into a whole other world for the students! Here is what two of our Readiness Therapists (OT and SPT) had to say: "Our children have been working so hard on building their skills in the classroom and in the therapy rooms. Winter Wonderland is a fun and engaging opportunity for our students to generalize the skills they have been working on to a new setting. Preschoolers learn best through play. We provide the activities and the support for each student to keep growing, learning and building their skills. We address many areas of development such as academics, communication, fine and gross motor, sensory processing and social emotional development. We focus on the whole child and supporting their development so each child can be as successful, independent and happy as possible. "

2 boys making marshmallow snowmen at a table
group of preschool students making marshmallow snowmen at a table
A banner under a window of paper snowmen and snowflakes
A balloon garland with snowflakes, in the middle it says "Readiness Winter Wonderland"
A teacher and two boys crawling across a fake mound of snow
A little girl making a marshmallow snowman
A little girl with sound-cancelling ear muffs is smiling
A little girl is looking into a tube she put a ball in with her teacher
little girl with sound cancelling ear muffs and her teacher are hugging
a little girl is on a toy car
2 boys are playing in a box filled with fake snow and toys
A class of boys and girls are walking with their teachers across a gym floor
A teacher is holding and talking to a little boy
A little girl is on a toy car going down a slide
A boy is putting a fake snowball into a tube
A girl is sitting with her hands stuck in a wagon with fake snow
A girl is walking across upside down buckets
A boy is sitting on the floor playing with big legos
A boy is playing with toys in a box with fake snow