December 2023: Readiness got treated to multiple visitors! Santa and the Grinch were handing out presents to the Pre-K classes, as our Schermerhorn Carol Singers sang to everyone! What a great combination of our two programs to celebrate the Holidays!

A woman in a santa costume is laughing in a hallway with a student holding a white cane
a woman in a Santa costume is smiling for the camera
The grinch and santa are clapping with a 3 preschool students
the grinch is handing a present to a preschool student
A group of students are standing in front of a bench at a large window, singing in a hallway
Santa and the grinch are high fiving two students
The grinch is sitting on a bench next to santa, holding and smiling with preschool students
3 teachers and a group of preschoolers are sitting with santa and the grinch on a bench in the hallway
santa and the grinch are handing out presents to students in a hallway
Two teachers and their class of preschoolers are standing in front of doors in a lobby, shaking jingle bells
Santa is smiling, handing a present to a preschooler
A principal is looking at a group of students, as she holds a bag of presents
a principal is handing a present to a visually impaired student
a principal is handing a present to a little girl